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About Me

My Background

Creativity has always been in my blood - I loved to draw as a child and ever since I have explored a number of creative avenues: I have worked as an actor, a musician, a writer and a teacher. Last year I decided to return to my love for art and have been busy  creating artwork to stimulate and/or soothe the senses. Much of my artwork is available to buy in the form of canvases & high quality posters (with or without a frame) at my online store:

My Medium

My medium is mainly photography, most of which I transform meticulously with a couple of photography apps. However, I also endeavour with my photography to capture the mood of certain naturescapes and the detail of natural things such as bark and flowers - I also try to do the same with manmade objects such as drink cans and sunglasses. Some of my photographs are of screen prints and collages I have created. I have also experimented with taking photographs of a 'moving collage' - various items floating in coloured and decorated water. 

My Inspiration

I receive my inspiration from many sources: walks through country, previous artworks I've made, accidental photographs, the finding of intriguing objects, and everyday encounters and experiences. When it comes to selecting colours and composition, I am very influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Gauguin and the Fauvist art movement.  I feel my main purpose as an artist is to either present something surprising and new or to capture the 'character' of a particular place or moment.